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James Coll is a retired NYPD police officer who’s been on the frontlines protecting New Yorkers for over two decades. Now, he’s answering the call to run for New York State Senate to preserve our way of life. James will lead the charge to repeal dangerous bail laws which free killers, drug dealers and violent thugs from jail; protect taxpayers and make Long Island more affordable for our families; increase funding to our local schools and give parents a stronger voice in their child’s education. As a professor that teaches courses on the constitution and government, James is a real-world problem solver who understands how to bring the innovative change necessary to deliver results for our communities. James is the fresh voice we need to increase transparency and accountability in Albany and chart a new, positive course for New York State.


The son of a police officer and United States Postal Service carrier, James grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood. Tragedy struck his family when James was only four months old: his mother passed away from a brain aneurysm. With two young boys to care for, his father faced the challenge of raising two children on his own while attending school at night to get his bachelor’s degree. James understands the sacrifices that working-class families are forced to make to survive. As a young child after his father remarried, James’ family moved from New York City to Nassau County in search of a safer neighborhood and a better quality of life.


His father’s legacy as an NYPD Officer and his calling to step up to protect our safety led James to become a Police Officer. Assigned to Midtown Manhattan, James worked tirelessly with dedicated cops to keep New York City safe and has apprehended the worst-of-the-worst. After serving during the September 11th Attacks on America, James joined the NYPD Emergency Service Unit - the tactical and rescue unit that lost 14 members that tragic Tuesday morning. From high-risk warrant enforcement to barricaded hostage situations and dealing with dangerous individuals, James has experienced it all. Recognized for his lifesaving efforts, James was the first to search US Airways Flight 1549 for additional passengers after it landed in the Hudson River in 2009. James was also part of the FEMA deployment to Haiti following a devastating earthquake and responded to help fellow Americans following damage from Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Throughout his time on the NYPD, James received 18 medals for his service and was named “Cop of the Year.”


As a State Senator, James will always back the blue and stand with police to secure the resources needed to keep Nassau County safe. Despite an extremist agenda stemming from New York City, James will oppose all efforts to reduce jail sentences for violent criminals and drug dealers. He will fight to repeal the dangerous bail laws that free killers and violent felons. James will fight to protect your wallet. He will expand the STAR program, protect the property tax cap, enhance property tax rebate checks, and increase funding for local schools. He’ll also fight for parental rights, ensuring all parents have a strong role in their child’s education.


James is a graduate of Holy Trinity High School in Hicksville and Hofstra University. He went to school at night to earn his master’s degree from Hunter College. James resides in Seaford. He dedicates much of his time to being with his daughter, Kathleen, and son, Robert, teaching college classes, coaching little league.  He enjoys presenting lectures and discussions on history and Constitution related topics to community groups, schools, libraries, colleges, and other forums.

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